Descubre Sa Dragonera
con Cruceros Margarita

Visit the Natural Park of Sa Dragonera with Cruceros Margarita and discover the beauty of Mallorca. Trekking routes, incredible views, hidden coves and unique Balearic flora and fauna - we take you to the wild nature of the island!
Rutas de trecking, vistas increíbles, calas escondidas y flora y fauna única de Baleares. ¡Te llevamos a la naturaleza salvaje de la isla!.



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We take you to Sa Dragonera

Un trayecto lleno de magia.


20 minutes crossing enjoying the full views of Dragonera Island.

Groups & Schools

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Our history

Una ruta icónica en Mallorca

The boat "Margarita" is a classic Mallorcan "llaut", a type of boat suitable for all kinds of activities. Nowadays, it is perfectly conditioned to embark and take tourists to the natural park of Dragonera Island.

Like all wooden boats, it is very stable, safe and smooth sailing.


Viajes diarios a Sa Dragonera


Sa Dragonera

Dragonera Island is about 4 kilometres long and is practically in a pure natural state, with some small agricultural constructions and three lighthouses, one of which is inoperative. With its height of 352 metres, it rises majestically above the Mallorcan coast, with a gentle slope at the front and cliffs at the back. For all these reasons, it makes La Dragonera an intrepid place, more than recommendable.

The crossing lasts a pleasant 20 minutes, with spectacular and complete views of Dragonera Island.

Imagen Dragonera espacio protegido | Visit sa DragoneraVisit Sa Dragonera
June 28, 2024

Historia y Protección de Sa Dragonera.

Sa Dragonera  ha sido testigo de una rica y variada historia que se remonta a la época talayótica. A lo largo de los siglos, esta isla ha servido múltiples propósitos,…
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May 15, 2024

Our Llaüt Margarita 

La Tradición y Seguridad se Unen en Nuestro Llaüt Margarita  Bienvenido a bordo de nuestro llaüt "Margarita", una embarcación que encarna la dedicación a la excelencia, la herencia cultural y…
Imagen de el fondo marino de las aguas de la dragonera | Visita dragonera con cruceros margariaVisit Sa Dragonera
May 7, 2024

Exploring the waters of Sa Dragonera: An Ecological Treasure in Mallorca

Sa Dragonera, esa joya natural en las aguas de Mallorca, no solo encanta con su belleza terrestre, sino que también esconde un mundo submarino extraordinario. ¿Qué hace que estas aguas…

Discover the island of Dragonera with Cruceros Margarita, a protected natural paradise in Mallorca.

Located less than a kilometre off the west coast of Mallorca, Dragonera is the epitome of conservation on the Balearic island, a pristine and protected place. In the 1970s, it was planned to turn Dragonera (Sa Dragonera) into a luxury island, complete with hotel, harbour and casino. However, thanks to the efforts of environmental groups, this project was halted before implementation. Instead, the government acquired the island and its islets, designating them as a natural park for preservation.

This natural sanctuary is home to an impressive diversity of endemic flora and fauna, including the iconic lizards that give the island its name. With a length of 3,200 metres and a width of 500 metres, its rugged relief is highlighted by the Na Pòpia peak, the highest on the island at 360 metres. Only facilities related to scuba diving and snorkelling can be found here, which guarantees the preservation of its unspoilt environment. With Cruceros Margarita, you will have the unique opportunity to explore this natural treasure, accessing places that can only be reached by sea. Embark on our authentic sailing experience and enter the untouched majesty of Dragonera.