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Sa Dragonera, that natural jewel in the waters of Mallorca, not only enchants with its terrestrial beauty, but also hides an extraordinary underwater world. What makes these waters so special? Let's dive into its ecological richness and discover its hidden treasures by exploring the waters of Sa Dragonera.

Underwater Habitats: Diversity in a Small Space

In the surrounding waters of Sa Dragonera, a surprising diversity of habitats and marine communities unfolds. From the Posidonia oceanica meadows that embrace the south of the island, to the coral beds and Maërl formations on the western and northern coast, each underwater nook and cranny harbors a unique and fragile life that can only be discovered by exploring the waters of Sa Dragonera. 

Nature Refuges: Home to Vulnerable Species

Sa Dragonera serves as a vital refuge for numerous vulnerable species. From the majestic loggerhead turtle to the imposing grouper (Epinephelus marginatus), these waters protect and sustain endangered marine life. The Maërl seabed and Posidonia oceanica meadows are especially important for the survival of these vulnerable species.

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Seabirds: The Spectacle in the Sky and the Sea

Not only underwater life makes Sa Dragonera an ecological paradise, but also seabirds find their home here. From the graceful Balearic shearwater to the majestic osprey, these birds fill the sky and complete the island's marine ecosystem with their presence.

Protecting a Natural Treasure

The waters of Sa Dragonera are truly special, not only for their beauty, but also for their unparalleled biodiversity and ecological value. Protecting these marine habitats and the vulnerable species they harbor is crucial to ensure the preservation of this natural treasure for future generations. Sa Dragonera is not just an island, it is a sanctuary of life, both above and below the waves. Book now! your visit.